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At NEBHR, we understand that life can throw curveballs and personal or professional circumstances change. Whether due to unexpected illness, changes in family dynamics or living arrangements, financial pressures, or other issues, if you are faced with the difficult decision to surrender your hound, we are here to help.

Basset Hounds are easily stressed in shelter or kennel environments, and foster care is an ideal option. As a foster-based organization, NEBHR has an extensive network of foster homes and transport volunteers in all six New England states. Our foster home model allows hounds to adjust and acclimate in a calm and non-threatening environment. Our screening process for both foster homes AND adopters is thorough, involving telephone interviews; reference checks with veterinarians & Animal Control Officers; and in-person home visits by Board members or experienced volunteers. We have a large following of potential adopters, and our process ensures that they are well informed and prepared to deal with potential health, behavior and other quirks associated with the breed. You can be assured that your hound will be in loving and capable hands with NEBHR.

NEBHR places puppies, seniors, special needs, bonded pairs, and every hound in between! We are prepared to handle behavior issues including housebreaking, fearful/overly timid, resource guarding, and more.* Our hounds are fully vetted, including spay/neuter, all vaccines, and 4DX testing. We will not adopt out until medical issues are resolved or well managed. If you are unable to keep your hound, and would like our help, please call (508) 243-3622, or email:

*NEBHR may not be able to accept dogs with significant bite history. We review this on a case-by-case basis. In the best interest of your dog, it is very important that you provide complete and honest information about temperament and any history of biting or other aggression.

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