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About Fostering

As a foster-based rescue, NEBHR is always in need of Foster Homes. Without dedicated foster homes, we would be forced to board dogs in shelters or kennels, or worse yet not be able to accept needy dogs into our system. Fosters make a homeless dog’s transition easier by allowing them to decompress and acclimate in a quiet home setting. Adding a temporary foster to your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Please know that fostering is not for everyone. Think long and hard before you make your decision. Make sure everyone in your household is in agreement about fostering, and everyone is willing to provide the structure and security a foster hound needs to successfully adapt to new surroundings.

Is fostering a lot of work? It can be, although many foster homes find that adding another dog temporarily isn’t much different than caring for their own crew. Foster homes must be willing and able to provide socialization, exercise and training, when necessary, for their foster hound. In addition, foster homes must be willing and able to obtain veterinary care, as directed by NEBHR. Most of all, foster homes must be patient and have realistic expectations when it comes to their foster dog’s adjustment and behavior setbacks it will inevitably experience.

Perhaps the hardest part of fostering is letting go on adoption day. It is a bittersweet feeling watching your foster dog drive away with their new family. But keep in mind that this day might not be possible without you providing love and care for this hound. Without foster homes, we simply could not help these deserving dogs.

New England Basset Hound Rescue will provide you with guidance and advice throughout the foster dog’s stay, and will cover all expenses associated with the dog. If you are interested in fostering for NEBHR, please complete the Foster Home Application on our website.

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