Relinquishing A Basset

Do you have a Basset Hound that you need placed? It’s best to call us first.
Call 508-243-3622 in MA or e-mail

  • Q. I live outside of New England (NY, NJ). Do you take bassets from those states?

    Sorry, we don’t. But please contact either of the Basset Rescues that do:
    Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue League, Inc. – NY, NJ & East PA
    or All Bassets Cherished – NY and tell them we sent you.
  • Q. Can you help me find a home for my basset hound?

    A basset taken into NEBHR must be placed into one of our established, approved foster homes, where it is treated like one of the family and then evaluated. We do not facilitate in owner placements. This evaluation time helps us to find the most compatible home for your dog.
  • Q. What do I have to do to give up my dog?

    You may first contact us by email. In your email, please include your dog’s Name, Age, your location, and your reason for needing help with your dog. We need to ask you some questions about your dog to help determine which foster home will be best for your dog. This interview can last approximately half an hour.It is very important to be honest about your dog during this interview. The more honest you are about your dog, the better we will be able to find a home for them.Also, you may be asked to pay a relinquish fee. This fee helps take care of your dog while it is in the care of rescue. Relinquish fees also help care for other dogs in rescue that do not have any owner support. You will need to bring a copy of your dog’s vet records when you give up your dog. Also, any dog bed or favorite toys helps to make the change in life less stressful for the dog.
  • Q. Will you come pick up the dog for me?

    Owners are responsible for providing transportation to the foster home. We try to find a location that is close to you, but you may be asked to drive a distance to ensure the best foster home for you dog.
  • Q. How long will it take until you can take in my dog?

    A. We try to evaluate every situation and meet the needs of the dog and the owners. The timing is very much affected by how many openings we have in foster care.
  • Q. What if I changed my mind? Can I contact the new owners?

    A. Once adopted, we will not try to get your animal back for you. If you contact us, we will tell you if your basset has been adopted or not. We will not tell you who adopted your pet or where it was placed unless the adopter is receptive to such agreement.
  • Q. Why should I have New England Basset Hound Rescue adopt out my dog instead of going to a local shelter or just advertising the dog in the newspaper?

    A. A dog is in a much better situation when it is placed with us, then if they were turned into a shelter or advertised in the paper. Dogs turned in to rescue are evaluated in a family situation. During this time, close communication is kept with the adoption coordinator. Information given to the adoption coordinator helps to pick the family that will best suit the needs of the dog.

    Our adoption process is extremely thorough. Adopters go through a minimum three-step process before they adopt from us.

    An adopter must fill out an on-line application, which is sent to our adoption coordinator. Our adoption coordinator then conducts a phone call interview with the prospective adopter. If they are approved (and many are not), then we arrange a home inspection. No dog in our system gets placed in a house before we have been there. Our adopters tend to be very serious about taking a dog into their home. We have a very low ratio of dogs returning into our system. However, when someone adopts from us, they are informed that if, for some reason, they cannot keep the dog, the dog MUST come back to us. We don’t want our dogs to end up in shelters. We will always take a dog back. We also do follow up calls after the adoption to make sure everything is going well.

  • Q. My dog is aggressive and I just can’t trust it anymore. Can you find it a new home?

    Please Read: “When Your Dog Bites”.
    We cannot and will not place a dog that has bitten an adult. You should consult your veterinarian. More importantly, you need to get in touch with a professional behaviorist to try and work through the behavioral issues with your basset. Your basset will need to be evaluated and a plan of appropriate action should be taken for your aggressive basset.
  • Q. My basset is sick and I can’t afford to help it…

    If you have a basset that has an untreatable, inoperable health condition, please do not try to surrender him/her to basset rescue. You need to consult your veterinarian and choose a plan of action that will best fit your basset’s quality of life. There is no need to prolong a sick/suffering basset’s life and to transition him/her into rescue is just not fair to the basset. It also is not fair to the rescue to be burdened with large medical expenses that will not cure your basset. When you adopt/purchase a basset, it is for life. YOU have to be responsible for that animal and “do right” by the animal even if it’s at the end of his/her life….
  • Q. I need to move and I can’t find anyplace that lets me have my dog.

    A. We have some places that we recommend:
    Pet Friendly Apartments
    Keeping your pet- A helpful article about trying to get an apartment with your pet
  • Q. I think I need to give up my basset hound, but I’m not sure… Can you give me advice?

    YES! We are also happy to help you if you think you might be able to keep your basset. We have a large knowledge base of information and might be able to help. You can email us, but calling us might be best. Be as specific as possible so that we might be best able to help.