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Please complete this form AFTER you’ve had your foster dog for two weeks. ┬áPlease ┬áprovide as much information as you can because this is what we use to write their description for the website.

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Has the dog exhibited aggression (growling, snarling, snapping, etc.) towards: (check all that apply)  Men Women Children Toddlers Teenagers Male Dogs Female Dogs Cats or Other Pets

If yes to any of these, would you describe the aggression as:  Food Related Territorial Fear-Related

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Does the dog show excessive shyness with people (i.e. hiding or running away)?

If yes, is the shyness specific to a particular gender or age group? Explain:

When you leave the house or room does the dog exhibit any excessive signs of Separation Anxiety?
Excessive signs could be continuous barking/whining (more than 15 minutes), soiling, urinating or defecating in the house, or destructive behavior.)

If yes, explain the anxiety:

Does the dog show fear of thunderstorms, cars, vacuums, etc?

If yes, explain the fear.

Does the dog ride well in car?

How much does the dog bark?

How much does the dog drool?

How much does the dog shed?

Is the dog housebroken?

If not housebroken, please indicate the specific problem:

How does the dog get along with other dogs? If you do not have other dogs, do you think the dog would be okay living in a home with other dogs?

How does the dog get along with cats? If you do not have cats, do you think the dog would be okay living in a home with cats?

How does the dog get along with children? If you do not have children, do you think the dog would be okay living in a home with children?

Does the dog enjoy walking?

Does he/she pull on the leash?

How does the dog react to handling & grooming?
Can you brush him/her?

Can you clean out their ears without a struggle?

Can you clip the dogs nails without a struggle or fighting?

Does the dog appear to know basic commands?  Sit Heel Down Stay Other

Will the dog come when called?

Does he appear to know his name?

Does the dog eat well?

Does the dog gulp or bolt his food to quickly?

Does the dog steal food?

Are there particular foods which seem to cause the dog problems?

Please indicate what you've been feeding the dog.
How often and in what amounts:

Have you noticed any health problems while the dog is in your care?

If yes, please give details of the health problem

Was the dog either over or under weight when he entered your care?

If yes, give details of weight issue.


Has the dog received a Rabies shot?

Date of last Rabies shot:

Distemper shot:

Date of last Distemper shot:

Fecal Test:

Date of last Fecal Test:

Heartworm Test:

Date of last Heartworm Test:

Heatworm Preventative:

Date started Heartworm Preventative:

Bortadella Vaccine

Date of last Bordetella shot:

Is this dog on any special medication?

If Yes, what medication is it and how often is it administered?

Any other characteristics or comments or stories you'd like to share that will help in placing this dog?

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