Fostering a Basset

NEBHR is always in need of more foster homes for our homeless Basset Hounds.

The more foster homes that are available helps enable NEBHR to place more hounds successfully. If there weren’t any foster homes, we would be forced to either kennel the dogs, or worse, leave them in a shelter. Foster homes provide an easier transition for the homeless dog before going to their forever home. Your home is much nicer than a cage in a shelter with hard cement floors. If you already have a Basset Hound, than you are probably well versed and experienced with the breed. Adding a Temporary foster to your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Please know that fostering is not for everyone.

Think long and hard before you make your decision. Make sure that everyone in your household is in agreement about fostering a Basset. You and your family will need to provide structure for your foster dog to help him conform to your lifestyle and make his/her transition easier.

New England Basset Hound Rescue will provide you with guidance and advice throughout the foster dog’s stay in your home. We encourage you to ask as many questions, as you want. Try to arrange for a visit to one of our current foster family’s house to “get a feel” of what it may be like living with a foster dog.
If you are interested in fostering for New England Basset Rescue. please email or call 508-243-3622.