Adoption Process

The very first step is submitting your adoption application.  We receive many, many applications from people that never follow through which ends up being a large waste of time for our all volunteer organization.  So PLEASE do not submit an application unless you are absolutely certain that you are ready to adopt.

Be sure to answer all questions on the application, missing information only holds up the process.  The contact number for your local Animal Control and your Veterinarian are imperative as these are required for our reference checks.  If you leave these blank, we can’t move forward until you have provided them.  If your Animal Control office is not listed in your local directory you can usually find it by contacting your local town/city hall.

Once you submit an application we’ll contact you via email first to go over some basics.  Once our reference checks are completed and we have ensured that you want to move forward, then we will set up your phone interview and match you with the Basset that best suits you and your situation.

A majority of our rescues have social, emotional, behavioral and health issues. If you are not able or willing to deal with a not-so-perfect Basset, your wait may be a long one.

Many rescued Basset Hounds have trust issues. Some are not suitable for placing with children. Rarely does a happy, well-adjusted Basset Hound end up in our care. If you are not committed to deal with housebreaking issues in an adult dog or to provide obedience training, you may not really want to take on a rescued Basset.

Once a match has been made for you and your family, we schedule a home visit. All of our volunteers are located in New England, and we only adopt to families living in New England states.  The Basset Hound that you are matched with then becomes a “pending adoption”. If you cancel the adoption of your matched Basset, you’ve held up that hound’s chances at a new home. PLEASE be absolutely sure about your decision to adopt before you even apply with us.

If you are planning a trip, a move, or an extended visit from a relative/friend in the near future, we recommend that you apply at a later time. The transition period for the Bassets is a hard one, and stability is critical at the beginning.

If you currently have a dog who is feeble or terminally ill, then adoption is probably not the best thing for your dog at this time. We ask that you use common sense and good judgment when applying for a homeless Basset Hound.

All of our dogs are altered prior to adoption. In our efforts to control the population of unwanted pets, we require that the other dogs and cats in your home also be spayed or neutered. (If your pet is not spayed/neutered due to a medical condition, please let us know.)

Some people get frustrated with our process, but to us, this is the dog’s second chance, and we need to be sure we’re doing the right thing for both the dog and for you.

We will not “hold” your basset once the adoption has been approved. You are expected to adopt the basset within a few days after your home visit. Please understand that we always have dogs that are waiting to come in that are in need of foster care. We ALWAYS need the foster space.

If you feel you are ready to adopt one of our homeless Basset Hounds, we encourage you to proceed on to the Adoption Application.